Would A Cannabis Grow Cabinet Benefit You?

17 August 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

Dispensary prices in areas where marijuana consumption is allowed have encouraged many people to think about growing their own crop at home. Growing cannabis for personal use requires people to choose an inside space for security reasons. In addition, this helps to prevent animals from destroying the crop, enables the crop to grow all year and keeps everything out of the hands of curious children. Greenhouses are expensive and not everyone can dedicate a room of their home for growing. This is why a self-contained unit is best. Here are the three ways people benefit the most from cannabis grow cabinets

Compact Home Size

Small homes and apartments do not always make it easy to grow anything. Even a few house plants in a windowsill could crowd a tiny room. Growing cabinets can be as small as four square feet in width and depth and as short or tall as needed according to the type of plant grown. Since they contain their own heat and lighting it is easy to tuck them into a corner in any room of the house. 

Mobile Lifestyle Option

Not every home is permanent. Renters need to make certain they are able to pick up and take their valuables with them whenever they choose to relocate. Cabinets not only make that possible but they make it easier to accomplish as well. There is no mess or fuss because the equipment and plants are contained a single cabinet. 

Keeping it Private

Cannabis is less taboo today but far from universally accepted. The most appealing trait of grow cabinets or boxes is how inconspicuous many of the designs happen to be. Some do come with windows to make it easy to watch the plants thrive, but many others are solid and look like any other basic cabinet. Anonymity is also a valuable trait when moving day arrives. It prevents prying eyes in the neighborhood from knowing about the personal gardening project. 

Grow boxes eliminate the need to try and squeeze heat, light, filters and vents into an existing cabinet in the home. Multiple sizes are available to enable the growth of any type or amount of cannabis and for use with soil or hydroponic systems. Many of the cabinets also use efficient grow lights to keep energy costs low and have automatic settings so they require very little effort from the grower. Others also offer multiple chambers for rotating crops as they reach different cycles.